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Argument ID10135
TitleSTATE v. J.L.G.
Date2018-04-24 11:24:34
DescriptionWas defendant entitled to a new trial because of the admission of expert testimony regarding the child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome?", "Note": "[Note: This appeal is remanded summarily to the trial court for a hearing, pursuant to N.J.R.E. 104, to determine whether CSAAS evidence meets the reliability standard of N.J.R.E. 702, in light of recent scientific evidence. Any party seeking to appear as amicus curiae and to participate in the development of the record may move before the trial court within 30 days of 3/17/17. The trial court shall determine the extent of such participation. Jurisdiction of the appeal is otherwise retained.]
Doc IDA-50-16
MetadataDublin Core
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Counsel Type
Lauren S. Michaels Appellant
Najma Q. Rana Respondent