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The cases of counsle richard j. engelhardt are listed below:

Date Title Document ID
2005-01-04 02:00:00In the matter of Steve HallettD-15-04
2005-01-04 02:00:00In the matter of Michael A. DeMiroD-198-03
2005-02-14 02:00:00In the matter of David E. WolfsonD-29-04
2005-03-29 14:00:00In the matter of Jeffrey P. LichtensteinD-22-04
2005-05-03 14:00:00In the matter of Vincent A. Lloyd (Disciplinary)D-36-04
2005-05-02 14:00:00In the matter of Robert J. Handfuss (Disciplinary)D-41-04
2005-09-27 14:05:00In the matter of Mitchell L. SingerD-153-04
2005-10-25 14:05:00In the Matter of Joseph J. HaldusiewiczD-150-04
2005-10-25 14:18:00In the Matter of Jay R. KolmarD-3-04
2006-02-15 14:04:00In the matter of Sonia D. HarrisD-41-05
2006-03-07 14:20:00In the matter of Amin Khalil Hussain-ElD-83-05
2006-03-06 14:19:00In the matter of Frank J. CozzarelliD-85-05
2006-02-14 16:03:00In the matter of Nusshy I. SarayaD-51-05
2007-03-06 02:08:00State v. Marcellus WilliamsD-55-06
2007-03-20 02:05:00IMO William F. SweeneyD-22-06
2007-05-02 14:27:00In the matter of Chaim H. BerlgasD_52_06
2007-09-25 14:24:00In the matter of Andre L. McGuireD-16-06
2007-10-23 14:12:00In the matter of Linda M. Serrano D-137-06
2007-11-13 16:12:00In the matter of Ronald I. KaplanD_168_06
2007-11-27 16:13:00In the matter of Stephen M. BrettD-153-06
2008-05-06 14:56:00In the matter of Leonard N. RossD-81-07
2008-05-06 14:57:00In the matter of Anthony J. Fusco, Jr.D-82-07
2008-06-11 10:06:00In the matter of Cary B. HallD-36-07
2008-06-24 11:24:00In the matter of Jeffrey M. AdamsD-86-07
2008-01-07 17:17:00In the matter of Ricardo A. CantonD-174-06