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The cases of counsle michael j. sweeney are listed below:

Date Title Document ID
2005-09-28 14:20:00In the matter of Larry J. McClureD-38-04
2006-03-21 15:07:00In the matter of Maury R. WinklerD-62-05
2008-02-05 14:51:00In the matter of Maxwell X. ColbyD-152-06
2008-03-10 15:31:00In the matter of Antoinette R. HollandD-8-07
2008-06-24 10:05:00In the matter of Michael A. KaplanD-68-07
2008-06-11 10:11:00In the matter of Ronald A. GrazianoD-69-07
2008-06-11 10:52:00In the matter of Charles N. RileyD-70-07
2008-06-11 11:41:00In the matter of Cynthia Ann BrassingtonD-71-07
2008-06-11 11:56:00In the matter of David T. JacobyD-72-07
2009-01-06 14:19:00In the matter of Anthony J. Fusco, Jr.D-209-07
2010-02-23 14:11:00In the matter of Jeffrey D. LavenharD-55-09
2011-01-18 14:05:00In The Matter Of Kimberly S. TylerD-129-09
2011-01-18 14:18:00IMO Christiopher P. HummelM-516-10
2011-05-03 16:14:00In the matter of Herbert F. LawrenceD-47-10
2012-03-01 13:37:00In The Matter Of Arthur R. GloeserD-20-11
2012-09-11 14:10:00In The Matter Of Kenneth P. SirkinD-124-11
2012-09-10 14:04:00In The Matter Of Jerold N. KamiskyD-67-11
2014-06-24 13:03:11IMO Neil M. CohenD-50-13
2011-11-29 14:57:00In The Matter Of Katrina F. WrightD-150-10