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The cases of counsle boris moczula are listed below:

Date Title Document ID
2005-02-15 10:00:00IMO Grand Jury Appearance Request by Larry S. Loigman, Esq.A-51-04
2005-09-13 12:00:00State v. James BadessaA-94-04
2007-04-05 10:29:00State v. Jane ChunA-96-06
2008-10-20 12:10:00State v. Ernest SpellA-99-07
2009-09-14 12:05:00State v. Thomas E. BestA-77-08
2008-01-07 12:12:00State v. Jane ChunA-96-06 Part 2
2011-03-28 12:48:00State v. Aaron P. SchmidtA-35-10
2013-05-13 14:53:29State v. William O'DriscollA-7-12